Warranty for Repair of a Manufactured Home is Limited to One Year

Question: Three years ago, we purchased a manufactured home that we installed in a mobile home park in Apache Junction. Ever since we bought the manufactured home we have had roof problems. We now need a new roof. When we contacted the manufacturer of our manufactured home, we were informed that there was only a one-year warranty. One of our neighbors in another subdivision said that all homes have an eight-year warranty to fix a defective roof. Does this eight-year warranty apply to our manufactured home?

Answer: No. Similar to an automobile battery or automobile tires, a manufactured home is only personal property and typically has a written one-year or two-year warranty. A buyer of a new home with a lot has an implied eight-year warranty, even if the homebuilder only furnished a written express one-year or two-year warranty. A.R.S. § 12-552.

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