Seller Must Disclose Unrecorded Judgment

Question: Three years ago we lost a business dispute with our partner in our Casa Grande tire business. Our partner now has a $33,000 judgment against us. We are now in escrow to sell our Casa Grande home, and expect to “net” $50,000 proceeds after payment of this $33,000 judgment. The title commitment, however, does…

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Judgment Lien Against Principal Residence Prohibited

Question: We are in escrow to sell our Gilbert home. When our daughter went to UCLA four years ago, we guaranteed payment of her credit card. Although our daughter is doing fine now, she dropped out of UCLA and never paid the balance on her credit card. We were sued as the guarantors of her…

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Judgments with Proper Paperwork can be Renewed Forever

Judgment Money

Question: We own a rental home near downtown Scottsdale. The son of a well-known celebrity signed a lease for a year. After two months we received phone calls from our neighbors complaining about the noise and trash in the streets. We then inspected the home and found significant damage, including large holes in the wall,…

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