Family Ownership Usually For Long-Term Ground Leases

Question: Thank you for your recent informative article about ground leases. I have a couple quick follow-up questions: Why are ground leases normally for 99 years? Is it against the law in England or the United States to have a 100-year lease? Answer: The original idea for a ground lease was to keep title to…

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Improvements Stay With Property After Ground Lease Canceled

Question: Your recent comments on ground leases reminded me of my friend’s situation. She and her sister had built a cabin in the White Mountains on land owned by an Indian tribe. The property had a 25-year ground lease, and that 25-year ground lease was subsequently renewed by the Indian tribe for another 25 years.…

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Purchasing a Home with a Ground Lease

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Question: We are buying a retirement home in an east Scottsdale community. After we received the title report, we were shocked to learn that the “owner” of our retirement home was actually a tenant under a 99-year ground lease for all of the homes in the community. Our real estate agent said that we are…

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