Beneficiary Deed Not Revoked by a Will

Beneficiary Deed

Question: My wife’s father passed away ten years ago. My wife’s mother then executed a beneficiary deed to their Chandler family home to her daughter, and they both continued to live in this home. Two years ago when I married her daughter, my wife’s mother executed a will that gave the Chandler home to both…

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How to Transfer Property Out of Trust for Beneficiary Deed

How to Transfer Property Out of Trust for Beneficiary Deed   Question: My mother is the trustee of her revocable living trust (“RLT”), and I am the sole beneficiary. The only asset in the RLT is my mother’s Sun City home. My mother wants to execute a beneficiary deed to me for her home which will not be effective…

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Basic Questions on Beneficiary Deeds in Arizona

   Under ARS §33-405 a beneficiary deed can be executed and recorded by the owner of real property to a family member or any other person.  The following are answers to some basic questions you may have: 1. When is a beneficiary deed effective?   Answer: Upon the death of the owner of the real property. 2. If…

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