Disclosure Requirement for Parcels of Land

affidavit of disclosure

Question: We recently signed a contract to sell our three-acre parcel of land in Coconino County near Flagstaff. The title company says that we will be required to furnish the buyer with an Affidavit of Disclosure relating to the condition of this three-acre parcel. What is this Affidavit of Disclosure? Answer: Under A.R.S. §33-422 a…

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Disclosure Affidavit is Required by Law

  Question: After a bank foreclosed on a 5-acre parcel of vacant land in northwest Maricopa County, we purchased this land from the bank.  In the purchase contract the sale by the bank to us was “as is,” and the bank was not required to furnish us with the standard Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS).…

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