Survey Monument Must be Replaced

  Question: Our neighbor in Dewey recently hired a contractor to build a block wall to replace the chain link fence between our back yards. During the construction a survey monument was removed. The block wall has now been completed but the survey monument has not been replaced. Does my neighbor or the contractor have any responsibility to replace this survey monument?

  Answer: Survey monuments are placed by the county on section lines and quarter section lines of a township to confirm the boundary lines of the United States Survey. Any person who knowingly removes a survey monument has committed a misdemeanor. In addition, both the contractor and your neighbor may have civil liability for any costs incurred by the county in replacing a survey monument. Therefore, you should notify your neighbor and the contractor that the survey monument must be replaced immediately.

  Note: Survey monuments are permanent monuments made of concrete and metal. Survey monuments should be distinguished from metal “pins” which are removable, and are placed by surveyors to mark a lot line.

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