Renters Have Protections After Foreclosure

Question: In a recent column you said that, after a foreclosure sale of a home, the investor who purchased the home could “evict the tenant and then sell the home as quickly as possible.” The Protecting Tenants In Foreclosure Act, however, was reinstated by Congress in 2018. This Act provides most tenants with rights to remain in the home after an investor purchases a home at a foreclosure sale.

Answer: Thank you for your comments. Rather than “tenant” the answer should have said “the homeowner who is now a tenant” can be evicted after the foreclosure sale. Under the Protecting Tenants In Foreclosure Act, a tenant in possession of a foreclosed home, under an existing landlord-tenant relationship, has significant protections including, as a practical matter, the right to remain in the home until the end of the lease term.

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