Title Insurance and Other Title Issues

Unlike some other states, especially back East, in Arizona title companies, not attorneys, are responsible for the validity of a real estate transaction. The expression in Arizona is that “it’s not what the lawyers say, it’s what the title company will insure.”

We have a close relationship with several title companies, and can get proper title service quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions about Title Insurance and Other Title Issues


Wrongful Release of Earnest Money to Buyer by Title Company

May 19, 2024

Question: My husband is a USAF jet pilot. We were stationed at Luke AFB for three years, but we were recently transferred to Eglin AFB in Florida. We temporarily are living in base housing, but we wanted to buy a home as soon as possible after the sale of our…


Need Title Insurance Policy If Any Dispute as to the Ownership of Disputed Property

March 17, 2024

Question: We live in a subdivision in south Scottsdale. We have had the same neighbors for more than 20 years, and we have always known that the concrete block wall between our two homes encroaches two feet onto our lot. Our neighbors are now selling their home. They want us…


What Our Clients Are Saying

Hi Pam and Chris, Thank you very much for all your help. I couldn't have done this without you both.

Dear Mr. Combs and Associates, I wanted to reach out today to thank all of you for being so professional, friendly, and compassionate throughout the time you have had my case. I would like to especially thank Chelsea for handling the deposition so brilliantly. This has been a very long two years for me but I finally feel vindicated and hopeful. I'm very confident moving on that this will be resolved in my favor very soon. Thank you again.