Law Enforcement Can Remove Unauthorized Occupants from Rental

  Question:  My husband and I reside in Los Angeles, California, and own an investment property in Mesa, Arizona that we rent out to a couple.  The tenants signed a lease with us six months ago and represented to us in the lease that they would be the only occupants residing in the property.  Recently, however, our friends in Mesa have informed us that two unauthorized college students are also residing in the property.  Is there anything we can do about this?

  Answer:  If your tenants misrepresented that the college students would not be occupants of the property, you may deliver a written notice to the tenant specifying the breach and indicating that the lease will terminate in 10 days of receipt of the notice if the breach is not remedied.

  Note: Effective July 3, 2015, a new Arizona statute provides you with an additional option.  You may request that a law enforcement officer remove the college students who are not named as occupants in the lease.

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