How to Get a Deed Corrected

 How to get a Deed Corrected

  Question:  I purchased a condominium in Tempe when I was attending Arizona State University.  In going through some of my paperwork recently in preparing to sell this condominium, I noticed for the first time that the deed from the seller to me showed only my first and middle names.  My last name was omitted from the deed.  Will I have a problem selling my Tempe condominium because of the omission of my last name from the deed?  Will I have to get the sellers to sign a new deed (which may be difficult because all I know is that the sellers moved back to Oklahoma)?  If I can’t find the sellers, will I have to go to court?

  Answer:  You should not have a problem selling your home.  In order to correct this clerical error, the title company will probably just re-record the existing deed from your seller with the addition of your last name.

  Note: Title companies frequently re-record documents in order to correct an obvious clerical error such as an error in the spelling of the name of a seller or a buyer, or a transposed lot number in the legal description.

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