Landlord’s Listing Broker Must Have Access To Leased Property

Question: I am renting a luxury condominium in Central Phoenix. The lease expires in three months. The owner’s listing agent now wants to show my luxury condominium to potential buyers. I have valuable leather couches, art work, and clothing in the home. Do I have to let the owner’s listing agent have access to my home? If so, how often are potential buyers allowed access to my home?

Answer: In a residential lease, the landlord is entitled to reasonable access to the home. This reasonable access requires at least two days’ notice, and entry three to five times a week at reasonable times (probably from 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.). The two days’ notice should be in an email or other writing. You are entitled, however, to be there when the listing agent shows the home to potential buyers.

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