Adult-care Facility Should Have no Claim

  Question:  Unlike my two brothers, I have taken care of my ill mother for many years.  Five years ago she moved into an adult care facility, and she deeded her Scottsdale home to me in gratitude.  My mother’s savings have now been exhausted, and she owes the adult care facility a large amount of money.  Does the adult care facility have a claim against this Scottsdale home?

  Answer:  Probably not.  If the deed to the Scottsdale home from your mother was not made with the intent to defraud creditors, and the value of the services rendered to your mother is at least equal to the value of the Scottsdale home, the adult care facility should not have a claim against the Scottsdale home.  You should contact an attorney who specializes in elder law for more information, and for a review of your mother’s agreement with the adult care facility.

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