A Landlord Has the Right to Reasonable Access

  Question:  I am renting a beautiful home in east Mesa.  The landlord is trying to sell the home, and the landlord’s listing agent wants to show the home to a potential buyer.  I have valuable art work and other items of personal property in the home.  Do I have to let the listing agent have access to my home?

  Answer:   Yes.  The landlord is the owner of the home, and is entitled to reasonable access to the home.  This reasonable access generally requires at least two days’ notice, and can only be at reasonable times, e.g., between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Therefore, if the landlord gives you the proper notice, the listing agent as the landlord’s representative is entitled to show the home to a potential buyer.  I would strongly suggest, however, that you or a responsible individual be present in the home when the listing agent and the potential buyer are at the home.

  Note: Reasonable access cannot be abused.  For example, showing the home to buyers at two or three different times in one day would probably be abuse.

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